Highlights: Admission open for MSc. CSIT                                                           TU PUBLISHES B.SC.CSIT ENTRANCE RESULT 2073                                                           Admission open for BSc. CSIT in New Summit College                                                           Admission open for BSc. CSIT                                                          

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Founded in 6th of May, 2012, CSIT Nepal is a website with a collection of all the required resources that is required for the successful completion of the four years course of B.Sc.CSIT conducted by Tribhuvan University.

The management committee of CSIT Nepal commonly works with both faculty and students to provide the best and reliable resources to all the members related with B.Sc.CSIT course. The main educational goal is to prepare students for research and teaching careers either in Universities or in Industry.

Since its establishment, CSIT Nepal has been proving itself as one of the best portal for B.Sc.CSIT course among all the other portals in the market. CSIT Nepal is the best portal for all the technical students which successfully aim to generate the qualified and skilled manpower required for this IT industry by providing all the resources that is required on daily basis for the successful completion of the 4 years academic course.

Day by day, the number of portals is increasing rapidly like the mushrooms but CSIT Nepal is the old tree providing its shade to the students who is going to build up the nation all the way competing in this tough industry of IT nationally and internationally as well.

As the name "CSIT Nepal" itself explains a lot, it's a center for all the CSIT related information and resources holding its pride high among the crowd of other portals and blogging pages and delivering better performance at people's service.


CSIT Nepal strives to support improvements in education and make a positive difference in students' lives by providing different academic resources and software tools that help students learn to think.