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About csitan

CSITAN, established in 2011 by the young energetic BSc CSIT students is an autonomous, non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political, service oriented social organization. The main purpose of establishing CSITAN is to act as a bridge between the faculty, students and IT industries in Nepal.

CSITAN has been actively involving for the past three years to bridge these gaps. Initiated by the enthusiasm and support of all the CSITANs from all affiliated colleges, we hereby proudly present this association formally among the public.

Like every other organizations/associations, we have the potential to evolve. We would like to be an organization which will be a part of every CSIT College and student, leading them and motivating them. We have been conducting several IT Seminars, exhibition and counseling programs in different CSIT affiliated colleges throughout the year.

We make sure that we organize at least one program once a month. Thus, we have always aimed to match our motto: "Calibrating Technical Potentials".

Present Batch
Loomila HadaPresident
Subash DhitalVice-President
Bharat DC General Secretary
Shyam BakhrelSecretary
Sugandha K.CSecretary
Roshan GautamTreasurer
Mukesh KarnMember
Garima KhakurelMember
Gokul GhimireMember
Rubina KarkiMember
Bandhana AdhikariMember
Pratik BasyalMember
Shishir ShresthaMember
Rsohan KhanalRegion 0010 Cordinator
Ayush DhitalRegion 0010 President

Forth Batch
Abhash AdhikariPresident
Prakash PokhrelVice-President
Samundra Pandit Vice-President
Shristi BaralVice-President
Prasanna Kadel General Secretary
Loomila HadaSecretary
Niraj Syangden Secretary
Shristi shakyaTreasurer
Aadesh ShresthaMember
Alok ShresthaMember
Bharat DCMember
Bijay RaiMember
Labin OjhaMember
Prabha PanthaMember
Roshan GautamMember
Shyam BakhrelMember
Subash DhitalMember
Sudeshna PradhanangaMember
Sugandha K.CMember
Sujan UpretiMember

Third Batch
Sunil ManandharPresident
Subash SainjuVice-President
Prabin KhadkaVice- President
Abhash Adhikari General Secretary
Stduraj BhusalVice General
Saraswati DangalVice General
Rajan KAndelTreasurer
Shristi BaralMember
Samundra SharmaMember
Prashish ShresthaMember
Prasanga KadelMember
Niraz SyangdeMember
Omkar BasnetMember
Robin KhadkaMember
Bhesh Raj ChhetriMember
Prakash PokhrelMember
Narayan AdhikariMember
Loomila HadaMember
Indra SubediMember
Sristy ShakyaMember

Second Batch
Bijay Shrestha President
Rakesh Kumar BachchanVice-President
Bipin ShresthaVice- President
Pralhad Giri Vice- President
Sajjan LamichhaneGeneral Secretary
Prakash BhusalSecretary
Ashish KhanalSecretary
Santosh GhimireTreasurer
Sonam ChhedonMember
Sujita AdhikariMember
Sunil ManandharMember
Abhash AdhikariMember
Suraj BhusalMember
Saraswati DangalMember
Rajan KandelMember
Narendra Bikram Bista Member
Prabin Khadka Member
Subash Sainju Member
Sagar PaudelMember

First Batch
Prakash NeupanePresident
Nabin RimalVice-President
Bijay ShresthaGeneral Secretary
Pratik GyawaliSecretary
Kamal Pandey Treasurer
Kushal GautamMember
Shovit SharmaMember
Sumira ShresthaMember
Ashok NeupaneMember
Lasang Jimba TamangMember
Pratap SapkotaMember
Pradip KhatiwodaMember